“It’s common sense. When people feel great about the place where they work… they provide better customer service.” – Dick Clark, Group Leader of Financial Services at Monsanto.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard this before but “common sense” on the part of most managers

At a major 5-star hotel just two nights ago, I was waiting behind a buffet dinner carvery for someone to offer me some service. A lady, who turned out to be the manager, loudly called out to one of her staff and publicly rebuked her and other staff for not being behind the counter to serve. I could tell through the disconsolate looks of the staff how embarrassed they were.

Why did she not pop behind the counter to serve when her staff weren’t around?

Imagine what sort of morale that would have created?

Imagine the missed opportunities to learn the root cause of such behaviour, e.g. could they have been under-staffed, perhaps their policies and training could have been improved?

I remind my clients often – your customer’s enthusiasm about your business is seldom going to exceed that of your staff. Serve your staff – treat them like you would your best customers and great customer service will follow.”

Make this the most outstanding day you deserve!