Dominic Siow

Be the miracle you are!!

Dominic Siow is a true optimist. He lives in gratitude each and every day, passionate about creating workplaces that inspire people to be at their very best and where they experience true fulfillment.

In 2006, he and his wife, Sue founded EQ Strategist with a mission to help create empowering workplaces where people wake up each and every day inspired to deliver extraordinary outcomes for their organisations.

Since then, their work has help create profound change to more than 138 public and private sector organisations across 11 countries in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Tens of thousands of individuals have been empowering in the process, many often rating the training they’ve received as the best they’ve experienced in their career.

Prior to his present vocation, Dominic was a senior operations manager for IBM Australia and VP of Product Development at grapevine Technologies. Dominic has previously contributed as speaker and mentor at the Magic Moments Youth Leadership and Business Summit and as a Senior Leader at Robbins Research International events across Australia since 2003.

He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller “What’s GREAT about this? How to be Resilient and Thrive through Disruption and Change.”

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    Dominic is a powerful and effective speaker. The most helpful definition from his speech is that being positive is having hope and confidence in one’s ability to handle what’s tough, along with remembering that nothing is all negative all the time. Me and my team learnt a lot from his session and it's definitely our pleasure to have Dominic again as our corporate / individual coach in the near future.

    - Florence J.

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    I engaged the services of EQ Strategist in my capacity as Managing Director of Yokogawa Software Engineering of Wuxi from 2015-2017 to help elevate the skills and maturity of my management team in the areas of Critical Thinking, Leadership, Application of EQ at work and Design Thinking and to align, inspire and empower my organisation with the can-do mind-set and teaming effectiveness required to turn our ambitious annual goals into reality. During those three years, our team achieved record high business volume and record low attrition rate. Dom and Sue contributed to this success because of their demonstration of passion at work and the power of self generating energy at work. What I appreciate most about working with EQ Strategist is the effort into the every details of each and every workshop by Dom and his ability to drive the team to new energy level every time he runs a workshop for us. I would recommend Dom & Sue to anyone who wants his or her organization to embark on a whole new energy level of productivity.

    - Teo Che Eng, Managing Director at Yokogawa Taiwan Corporation

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