During times when disruption and change
in the workplace is the norm, fear, uncertainty
and self-doubt can cripple our decision-making,
productivity, and zest for work and life.

What’s GREAT about this? How to be Resilient and Thrive through Disruption and Change is a practical and inspiring read that will give you the skills and techniques to think, feel, act and be at your very best and most resourceful state in order to find and capitalise on the opportunities that present themselves in every situation.
This book taps into the wisdom of the ages, contemporary research in neuroscience, and the author’s personal application of these principles to turn around an I.T. career that had gone pear-shaped after losing part of his team to an organisational restructure. For two years, he went through a period of debilitating self-doubt, anxiety and stress which affected him both professionally and personally.
Learning about emotional intelligence and the power of a positive mind-set has turned his life around.  This book includes actions plans, reflections and anecdotes from his personal journey of transformation from an introverted, shy geek to an international inspirational speaker, coach and trainer who continues to impact thousands of lives across the globe.


testimonial bannerDr Brendan GomezDr Brendan Gomez

“Dom….your book is like a life-raft for people who may feel they are in rough seas. I’m thankful to be one of those …sitting in this raft….”,

Dr Brendan Gomez, Consulting Psychologist

testimonial banner

In an era of rapid change, building resilience in our workforce and enabling people to adapt to change quickly and with a sense of empowerment is crucial.

Heather Yelland, Founder and Director, The Elevation Company

Dominic Siow offers a raft of refreshingly grounded and yet powerful insights that call us to question the way we bring heart back into the workplace and build engagement with a businesses most valuable assets – it’s people.”

testimonial banner

“Excellent lessons on how to weather life’s storms with the power of your mind and emotions.

Mr Chan Leng Sun

The author’s frank sharing of his personal battles makes it easy to relate to his practical takeaways and takes his action points out of the realm of the abstract.”

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