Finishing off a run this morning along the banks of the beautiful Swan River in Perth, I was caught in a sudden, massive downpour. My first instinct was to sprint. And then I thought – “What the heck! It wasn’t going to stop me from getting drenched anyhow, so why not just enjoy getting and feeling really wet!” Liberating.

As I relaxed and started to allow myself to enjoy it, I found myself running up to huge puddles of water. Again, I instinctively slowed down and tried side-stepping them. Again, my self-awareness kicked in – “What the heck! The last time I really ran with my shoes fully soaked was when I was caught in a similar downpour doing a long trek! Fun memories! So why not just enjoy that again?” So allowing my inner child to just have fun stomping on those puddles, I had the most amazing experience just getting totally soaked. Surrendering to the moment…. exhilarating!

It reminded me that unlike the swans and ducks, who flew out of pure instinct as I ran by them, as humans, we are endowed with the magical gifts of self-awareness, imagination and independent will. Rather than react instinctively, we have the ability to pause, take stock, imagine, choose and take a better path!

So, how have you been reacting to the changes in your life lately? How much have your reactions been out of pure instinct rather than proactive will? How might surrendering and just allowing yourself to focus on the positive opportunities of the change be a liberating experience for you?

What else have you been putting off or saying “no” to instinctively? Could it be that phone call to mend or pursue a cherished relationship? How about that course you’ve always wanted to do, treatment you’ve been putting off, adventure or holiday you’ve wanted to pursue? What possibilities might taking a “what the heck” approach create?

Decide to take that step today – it could just change your life and at the very least, you will experience a moment of pure magic and liberation!!

Make this the most outstanding day you deserve!

Kindest regards,