Have a Dream 16th May 2010 was a momentous day for Australia as it signified the birth of a new hero. At a tender 16 years of age, Jessica Watson defied insurmountable odds to complete a solo round-the-world sail on a 10-metre boat! An extraordinary achievement by someone who considered herself just “ordinary”.

Naturally, I devoured the news reports on Sunday with keen interest. To get a glimpse of the mind-set of what creates EXTRAORDINARY. This is the first of a series into what sets her apart.

Secret #1: She had a dream and she made herself accountable for its attainment.

In spite of a torrent of negativity and cynicism by the Australian public before her departure, she chose to listen to her inner voice.

“I don’t consider myself a hero, just an ordinary girl who believed in a dream.” – Jessica Watson

So what is your dream? What are all things you want to do, experiences you absolutely want to have in this life-time that will give you the peace of mind that you have lived it to the full? With no regrets.

Everything great that was ever created, the Internet, first man on the moon, in fact, everything around you, was first just a glimpse in someone’s imagination. A vision of something possible.

Do you have a list? If not, set aside some quiet time this week, put on music that will get those creative juices flowing and write your Bucket List.

To your extraordinary success and fulfilment,