Hi everyone, Dom here!

Remember the introverted engineer who climbed the ladder, only to face a restructure and lose 30% of his team? That was me! For two years, I lost passion, energy, and drive. A personal development seminar changed everything. I learned we can’t control the wind, but we set the sails (Jim Rohn). I became the Captain of my Ship, left corporate to be a transformational coach, published a bestselling book (“What’s GREAT about this? How to be Resilient and Thrive through Disruption and Change“), and dedicated myself to inspiring others to thrive through change.

Today, I share another inspiring story: my friend Salim Khatri’s incredible journey. ✨

Old Friends, New Challenges:

Salim runs Learning Network Solutions (public sector conferences). We’ve collaborated often, valuing fun, value, and support. Covid hit his business hard, and he even faced back pain, but his optimism never wavered.

From Passion to Purpose:

Remembering his lifelong passion for cricket, Salim saw an opportunity. He launched “Rising Stars Junior Cricket Academy” for children. Starting slow with a small fee, he quickly won over grateful parents and kids. Today, Rising Stars boasts over 200 students, thriving despite (and even because of) the pandemic! His back pains? Gone! He said running the cricket academy meant he was always on his feet and on the move. And this constant movement had fixed his back. In my book, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to “moving the way you want to feel”. Salim’s experience shows that motion heals.

Lessons from Salim:

  • Passion to Purpose: He turned his hobby into a business, fuelled by genuine passion.
  • Embracing Opportunity: He saw crisis as a chance to pursue his hidden dream.
  • Creating Value: He offered a much-needed outlet for kids, promoting health and joy.
  • Perseverance & Positivity: Despite challenges, he maintained a positive outlook and worked hard.


Share your stories of resilience and turning challenges into triumphs in the comments!

P.S. Check out Salim’s amazing academy: https://www.risingstarscricket.com.au

Remember: Happiness is a choice. Chase your passions, find opportunities in challenges, and create a life that fills you with joy!