The High EQ Leader – Beyond Management to Transformational Leader

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Course Aim

How often have we heard the lament – “we have too many managers and not enough of those who truly lead”? Great organisations, teams and projects are invariably led by managers with exceptional leadership skills. In Daniel Goleman’s book titled “The New Leaders – Transforming the Art of Leadership into the Science of Results”, he says, “No matter what leaders set out to do- whether it’s creating strategy or mobilising teams to action, their success depends on how they do it! Even if they get everything else just right, if leaders fail in this primal task of driving emotions in the right direction, nothing they do will work as well as it could or should”.

This course aims to empower managers with the both the science and art of leadership. You will learn how to align hearts and minds to the attainment of common, inspiring outcomes and in the process, create extraordinary work culture that is empowered to deliver superior results.

Benefits of Attending

For the organisation:

Managers report that participants who attend this program

  • Exhibit greater urgency and confidence in engaging their staff at a more personal level
  • Delegate and empower their staff more effectively rather than get bogged down in detail
  • Engage their staff more effectively in dialogues about change
  • Contribute more actively to strategy and innovation
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively the context and strategy for change
  • Are more comfortable about challenging the status quo
  • Expand their responsibility and roles
  • Create more time to coach and grow their people
  • Return to work re-inspired and ready to lead

For The participant:

Previous participants report that attending this program:

  • Shifted their mind-set about their role and capacity to lead, grow and inspire their people
  • Empowered them with tools and the confidence to engage and empower their staff
  • Gave them the confidence to lead transformation, strategy and innovation
  • Developed a greater sense of personal purpose in their career
  • Strengthened their self-esteem to be accountable for delivering the outcomes at work
  • Developed greater courage to expand their comfort zone and to realise their highest potential
  • Learned techniques to increase physical and mental energy and stamina
  • Gain access to other professionals in leadership roles and their career advice
  • Develop a career-sustaining networks of peers

What It Covers

This workshop covers the following topics:

  • The difference between leading and managing
  • The difference between extrinsic versus intrinsic motivation and how to use this knowledge to create engaged staff
  • Transformational versus transactional leadership
  • The skills and attributes of a transformational leader
  • How to develop the emotional intelligence of a transformational leader
  • Applying inspirational motivation
  • Leadership styles and developing versatility as a leader
  • The beliefs and values of transformational leaders
  • The 4 steps to influence
  • Techniques for establishing rapport and creating idealised influence
  • Understanding and working to deliver stakeholder outcomes
  • Exercising empathy as a pathway to influence
  • Fostering a culture of innovation
  • Modeling the values of servant leadership

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Delivery Format

Live online or live in-person.

Who should attend?

Middle to senior management level staff, project and program managers, change leaders and champions.


2 days.

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