Bringing Alive Principles and Values Through our Daily Work

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Course Aim

To empower all front-line staff with an understanding of your organisation’s Mission, Leadership Principles and Values and how to bring them alive in their day-to-day work practices.

Benefits of Attending

For the organisation:

Managers report that participants who attend this program

  • Develop a good understanding of the organisation’s mission, vision and values and how this is important to the organisation
  • Feel inspired to make personal behavioural changes required to model the desired behaviours the organisation seeks and to be an effective role model to others
  • Develop a stronger bond with participants in the workshop and sense of belonging to the organisation

For The participant:

Previous participants report that attending this program:

  • Created a strong awareness of how their behaviours mattered to the culture, their personal productivity and the organisation’s bottom line and future
  • Feel more empowered knowing that how they do what they do matters and can make a positive impact on others and the organisation
  • Made them feel a greater sense of certainty over the direction and mission of the organisation
  • Developed a greater sense of personal purpose in their career
  • Strengthened their self-esteem to be accountable for delivering the outcomes at work
  • Developed greater courage to expand their comfort zone and to realise their highest potential

What It Covers

This highly interactive and experiential workshop will cover:

  • Role of “culture” in organisational performance and brand perception
  • Impact of your organisation’s Mission, Leadership Principles and Values on its culture
  • Introduction to your organisation’s new or revised Mission, Leadership Principles and Values – its history and business imperatives
  • Facilitation of relevant workplace scenarios and discussion of behaviours that do and don’t reflect the desired Principles and Values
  • Relationship between Mission versus Values versus Leadership Principles and KPIs
  • Facilitation of discussion around “barriers” that might exist that prevents staff from behaving in line with the principles and values
  • How to handle situations where staff, managers and peers are not behaving in line with the Leadership Principles and Values
  • Sustaining the momentum

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