Developing a Growth Mindset

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Keynote Aim

Why is it that two people with seemingly similar skills, experience and qualifications and yet very different mind-sets can achieve dramatically different levels of results and fulfilment from the same role in the same organisation? One has a curious desire to grow and serve and the other is filled with fear and stagnates by sticking with what’s tried and tested.

This keynote explores the characteristics of a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. It busts the myth of perfection and gives you tools and strategies to appreciate your mistakes and failures and turn them into positive opportunities for growth. It explains that fear is a natural universal emotion, how challenges help you grow and provides tips and strategies for developing your growth mindset as an invaluable resource in not just effectively navigating but thriving in a world that’s constantly changing and being disrupted.

Benefits of Attending

As a result of attending this keynote, you will be appreciate the difference between a growth and fixed mindset, how each are formed and be inspired to apply rituals that will help you develop the growth mindset to elevate your effectiveness and experience greater positivity and fulfilment through your career.

What It Covers

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Definition of growth versus fixed mindset
  • Why mindset matters and how it affects your emotional states, actions and outcomes
  • How beliefs are formed
  • Tools, techniques and strategies to switch from a fixed to growth mindset

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