Design Thinking and Innovation: A Practical Guide to Solving Problems and Creating Value

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Course Aim

Design thinking has its origins in human centred design and agile iterations. This places it at the forefront of current design practices, whether this is with technology or any other design challenges we face in business, society and our lives more broadly.

So what is design thinking? And what makes design thinking so special? The answer is that it can be learnt and applied by all people to improve the lives of themselves and others. Design thinking facilitates better solution design and better overall user experience.

This course will teach you the mindset and principles of design thinking and how they can be used to innovate and solve problems creatively, whilst meeting the needs of human-centred design. This learning is supported by practical exercises.

Benefits of Attending

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply design thinking principles and a framework to creatively solve problems.
  • Innovate using human-centred design principles.
  • Develop practical applications with design thinking and innovation principles.

What It Covers

This course covers the following topics:

Design thinking overview

  • What and why of Design Thinking
  • Design thinking framework


  • Empathy and its role in Design Thinking
  • Customer-centric discovery
  • Applying active listening in empathy interviews


  • Effective brainstorming
  • Applying the Six Thinking Hats for creative problem solving
  • The mindset of a design thinker

Develop and Deliver

  • Selection and implementation
  • Action Planning

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    Delivery Format

    Live online or live in-person.

    Who should attend?

    This workshop is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to use design thinking to solve problems and create value. This includes people from all backgrounds and industries, including business, government, education, and the social sector.


    1 day.

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