Creating your Inspired Mission Statement

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Keynote Aim

What would it mean for you to be clear on your inspired career or life mission?

If you were asked the question “what do you do?”, how would you respond? Would you tell a tale of great responsibilities with clear and definitive tasks and outputs, playing it safe and within the constraints of a grammatically correct paragraph that defines what you believe others want to hear?

Or could you inspire your team, potential employer, client or senior leaders and most importantly yourself, with an engaging mission statement that leads them to say “tell me more”? A lasting and memorable mission that leads to inspiring your people and yourself to stand taller than the shadows of conformity and lifts you out of bed every day, fueled by purposeful intent.

What could that mean for your career and most importantly, your LIFE? How would tomorrow be different if you woke up CLEAR on your inspired and purposeful mission?

At the end of this session you will discover how simple it is to be very clear on your inspired mission. The exciting part for us at EQ Strategist is knowing where it will lead you.

Benefits of Attending

This session is a guided workshop where you get to work on crafting your mission statement with the support of a template, examples and also the opportunity to get feedback. By developing and internalising your mission statement, you will:

  • Develop a greater sense of clarity over your preferred direction in your career and in life and an
    inner compass that guides you in your daily decisions and prioritisations
  • Feel more empowered and start to channel greater passion in everything you do, appreciating how it helps you fulfill your personal mission
  • Have a great introduction to who you are and what you stand for beyond your role and one that will captivate and inspire those around you and most importantly, yourself

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