The Power of Empathy and Active Listening: How to Improve Your Relationships and Achieve Greater Results

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Keynote Aim

To help leaders and individuals understand the importance of empathy and active listening and learn how to develop these skills to improve their relationships and achieve greater success. 

What it Covers

  • What is empathy? 
  • Why is empathy important? 
  • The different types of empathy 
  • The benefits of empathy 
  • The challenges of developing empathy 
  • How to develop empathy 
  • What is active listening? 
  • Why is active listening important? 
  • The benefits of active listening 
  • The challenges of active listening 
  • How to develop active listening skills 

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    Delivery Format

    Live online or live in-person.

    Who should attend?

    Leaders and individuals who want to learn how to develop empathy and active listening skills, including: 

    • CEOs 
    • Managers 
    • Salespeople 
    • Consultants 
    • Anyone who wants to improve their relationships 

    60 minutes (including a 10 min Q&A).

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