Facilitating Inclusiveness and Leading Diverse Teams

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Course Aim

Two of the most progressive nations in the world today are Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Both have risen from humble beginnings to become economic powerhouses that are the envy of the world. And both have done this through having some of the most diverse workforces in the world.

Many organisations today are a microcosm of such nations – represented by staff from a myriad of backgrounds and culture. This highly interactive, engaging and inspiring workshop will provide you with a practical action guide on how to effectively manage diversity to capitalise on its strengths and manage potential conflict that inevitably arises due to differences.

Benefits of Attending

Participants from this presentation will benefit from the following:

  • Develop greater understanding, empathy and awareness of how to make teams with diverse staff work more cohesively and get the most from the differences
  • Use this knowledge to engage, influence and synergise your teams for greater effectiveness and harmony

What It Covers

  • Dimensions of diversity
  • The importance of managing diversity effectively
  • How our unconscious biases affect our behaviours and others’ perceptions of us and our effectiveness as a manager and leader
  • Self-awareness and managing our perceptions
  • Tapping into strengths and managing differences
  • How to establish trust
  • Empathy and active listening
  • Understanding and using the 6 Human Needs to engage staff
  • Finding and leading through a common Purpose
  • Modelling the behaviours of an adaptable leader

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    Delivery Format

    Live online or live in-person.

    Who should attend?

    People and project managers.


    1 day.

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