What’s GREAT About this – How to be Resilient and Thrive through Disruption and Change

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Course Aim

It’s trite but true that change is not only a constant, but it’s happening quicker than ever. Organisational restructuring, downsizing, rightsizing, marriage, divorce, life-threatening health conditions, births, deaths…the future truly belongs to those who have the skills of emotional mastery and resilience.

This highly interactive workshop, facilitated by international speaker and trainer, Dominic Siow will provide you with practical strategies, tools, principles and the motivation to take charge of every change that is and will go on in your lives and will leave you feeling empowered to take your results to a whole new level.

Benefits of Attending

As a participant on this workshop, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Understand what emotional intelligence is and how it affects your success and happiness
  • Learn the skills to master emotions and to break through limiting beliefs to achieve anything you want in life
  • Develop a more positive mind-set, one that is focused on solutions rather than challenges
  • Enhanced self-confidence to master new skills, take on new challenges and adapt to change
  • Renewed sense of purpose and energy and to be able to infect those around you with this
  • Feel even more positive, motivated and empowered to take on the challenges in your life

What It Covers

The workshop will cover:

  • The habits that distinguish the peak performers from the others
  • How to create the most empowering “emotional states” to have a positive effect on yourself and others you lead
  • Learn and master the triad of forces that influence your emotions
  • Learn to identify and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Practice tools and strategies for conditioning your mind for success
  • Build self-confidence, overcome anxiety and procrastination
  • Switching on your key assets – your internal drive and passion
  • How to set and achieve goals purposefully and effectively

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Delivery Format

Live online or live in-person.

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