Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

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Course Aim

Every senior executive of the day is challenged with taking their organisation through digital transformation. Developing the strategy is just the start – the real challenge begins with getting your people to come along with you willingly.

In this interactive, entertaining seminar, you will learn about the best practice framework that EQ Strategist has deployed over the course of 13 years as transformation coaches to facilitate effective culture transformation for their clients internationally. You will also learn about the critical success factors that will either make or break your journey of transformation.

Benefits of Attending

  • Appreciation of what organisational culture is
  • Awareness of what it takes to facilitate effective culture transformation
  • Discover the impact of your leadership style on culture
  • Inspiration to evolve your culture to align it with what will sustain and drive your transformation agenda

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Delivery Format

Live online or live in-person.

Who should attend?

Leaders – all levels of Management including Aspiring Leaders.


1 hour.

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