High EQ Project Leadership

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Course Aim

  • Learn the difference between leading and managing projects
  • Develop the mind-set and skill-set required to effectively align, engage, motivate and influence project staff and stakeholders
  • Apply effective techniques for dealing with stress and change
  • How to effectively model the behaviours oof leaders with high levels of personal motivation and energy

Benefits of Attending

For the organisation:

Managers report that participants who attend this program

  • Demonstrate greater awareness of and prioritise the effective engagement of project staff and other key stakeholders
  • Engage their stakeholders more proactively and effectively
  • Deal with change more positively
  • Make it a priority to align stakeholders on a common vision and purpose
  • Create more time to coach and grow their people
  • Return to work re-inspired and ready to lead

For The participant:

Previous participants report that attending this program:

  • Shifted their mind-set about their role and capacity to lead, grow and inspire their project staff and stakeholders
  • Feel more confident and have the tools to engage and empower their staff
  • Gave them the confidence to lead rather than just manage processes and tasks
  • Developed a greater sense of personal purpose in their career
  • Strengthened their self-esteem to be accountable for delivering the desired project and program outcomes
  • Developed greater courage to expand their comfort zone and to realise their highest potential
  • Develop a career-sustaining networks of peers

What It Covers

The following is the content of the workshop:

  • Attributes of Effective Project Leaders
    • Differentiating project leadership from project management
    • Attributes of effective Project Leaders
    • Emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Inspirational and Outcome-oriented Project Leadership
    • Differentiating Outcomes from Outputs
    • Defining an inspiring project vision
    • Managing expectations
  • Breaking through boundaries for effective Stakeholder Engagement
    • Identifying and getting the right stakeholders on board
    • Engaging across departmental and organisational boundaries
    • Understanding and meeting your stakeholders’ needs
  • Trust and Influence
    • Breaking through the barriers to effective communication
    • The four steps to influence
    • Establishing rapport with your stakeholders
  • Making diversity work and negotiating Win-Win outcomes
    • Dimensions of diversity
    • Making diversity work in your projects
    • Active listening and negotiating win-win outcomes
  • Setting your team up for Success!
    • Getting the right people on board
    • Aligning on the project’s vision and values
    • Running an effective project kick-off session
  • Motivating high performance from project staff
    • Setting your staff up to succeed
    • Providing effective feedback
  • Leadership Styles and Creating an Empowered Project Team
    • Leadership styles and impact on project team culture
    • Developing leadership versatility
  • Keeping things on Track
    • Keeping a finger on the project pulse
    • Running effective meetings
    • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Personal Resilience and Mastering Energy
    • Channelling and projecting positive energy
    • Projecting certainty through change
  • The Art of Leadership in a Project Management Context
    • Understanding and tapping into the 6 Human Needs
    • The art of Leadership

Delivery Strategy

The learning has been structured as a 3-day interactive workshop featuring case studies, discussion, break out rooms, group activities, audio-visual presentations, role plays and anecdotes.

Formal Certification

At the completion of this program, the participant will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Participation from EQ Strategist.

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    Delivery Format

    Live online or live in-person.

    Who should attend?

    People and project managers.


    3 days.

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