Change Management for Organisations

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Course Aim

Change can be instigated from within the organisation or imposed by external factors. Either way, making organisational changes needs to be well managed to win over the hearts and minds whilst preparing teams, individuals and the organisation for success. This requires the change leader to understand why people generally resist change, the motivational triggers for each team member and to be flexible and creative in achieving positive outcomes for all parties. This course introduces principles and models for enabling large scale change within teams and organisations. Evidenced-based models are explained for achieving successful change management.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • develop an appreciation of both the business and people dimensions of change
  • understand and apply a range of change management models, including models from Kurt Lewin, John Kotter and PROSCI
  • understand your stakeholders needs and fears and develop an effective change management plan
  • determine key roles in the change management process
  • understand the impact on culture, processes and systems and sustain organisational change

Benefits of Attending

To remain competitive, initiating meaningful change is an essential component of businesses so that they are responsive to the contexts they operate in. One of the adaptive skills and attributes of a successful leader today is the capability to lead teams through change processes in order to deliver the promise of improved business outcomes. To support you in developing and refining your change management skills, this course draws on principles from leadership, motivation theory, behavioural psychology and project management to explain the rationale behind best practice approaches to leading and managing change within organisations.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • develop a change management plan, taking into consideration both the business and people dimensions of change
  • assign roles in a change process for clarifying responsibilities, optimising synergy and achieving required outcomes
  • select and apply a range of tools from major change models for delivering change successfully across a range of scenarios
  • address obstacles to achieving required change outcomes by drawing on principles from motivation theory and project management
  • post-implementation reviews to sustain organisational change.

What It Covers

The following is the content of the workshop:

  • Drivers for organisational change
  • Change in an operational versus project management context
  • Barriers to effective change
  • Change management models
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Forming an effective change organisation
  • Identifying and understanding stakeholders needs, fears and concerns
  • Developing a communications plan
  • Assessing the impact of culture, processes and systems on your change
  • The emotional competencies of an effective change manager and leader
  • Communicating to move hearts and minds
  • Modelling adaptability

Delivery Strategy

The learning has been structured as a 1-day interactive workshop featuring case studies, discussion, break out rooms, group activities, audio-visual presentations, role plays and anecdotes.

Formal Certification

At the completion of this program, the participant will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Participation from EQ Strategist.

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    Delivery Format

    Live online or live in-person.

    Who should attend?

    Suitable for anyone involved in managing a change process, whether this be on an organisational-wide level or within a team setting. In particular, the course is designed for:

    • Change Managers
    • Team Leaders
    • HR Managers
    • Heads of Departments
    • General Managers
    • Risk Managers
    • Program Managers
    • Project Managers
    • Project Sponsors
    • Communication Managers
    • Change Champions
    • Executive Officers
    • Anyone in a supervisory position being impacted by change.

    1 day.

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