There are people in your life that you may not have spent a lot of time with, but you feel a great respect and admiration for. Someone you’re attuned to spiritually and mentally. In my life, Geena Leigh is one such individual. Having crewed with her as a volunteer at several Tony Robbins events and completed an NLP program with her, I have come to appreciate and respect what a truly extraordinary human being she is.

Imagine being physically and sexually abused by your father as a child, homeless at the age of 15, and in desperation turning into a life of prostitution, drugs and alcohol from the age of 18. Imagine being a victim of rape with the perpetrator being set free due to insufficient “circumstantial evidence”? Imagine how devastating it would have been to abort a child you desperately wanted if only to create for this child the life you never had because all you had at the time was $8 in the bank, a job as a call girl and an unsupportive and uncaring partner.

What sort of future would you say this person would have?

“It’s not what happens, it’s what you do with what happens that matters”.

Today, Geena is an accomplished Author and Speaker. She devotes a huge part of her life helping others benefit from her life experiences.  I am so incredibly moved by her courage to risk the judgement of family and friends by sharing her story publicly through books and interviews in order that others’ lives will be ever the better for it. It is a message of tremendous hope and inspiration – that it isn’t your life circumstances but what you make of it that determines your success and happiness in life.

Check out her book “Call me Sasha – Secret Confessions of an Australian call girl” and videos of her interviews on

Today, I thank her in particular for reminding me of a couple of key phrases – “Do what is necessary and you will get there” and “Your level of happiness is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with”. Such powerful phrases that should we incorporate deep into our DNA and subconscious can only create the most exceptional results.

So many of us never reach our highest potential or dreams because of the “story” we keep telling ourselves.  About why we can’t and how now is not the right time.  Start creating new stories – stories that inspire and empower you – about why you deserve to achieve all that you can, and how that will benefit you and others around you – and start moving towards them. Heed the words of Steve Linder, a wise mentor to both Geena and myself,  – “the world demands results, not excuses”.

Here’s to you creating the most outstanding results you deserve!