What Drives Us

We believe that your organisation’s most valuable asset is your emotional capital – how your staff, customers and stakeholders feel about your organisation.

What We Do

We are Transformation Coaches passionate about helping our clients build Purpose-led, Resilient workplace cultures that inspire and bring out the best in people.
Our consulting, live training, executive coaching, keynote talks and team building on leadership, emotional intelligence and resilience are simply a means to your end – future-proofing your organization by building workplace culture that is innovative and customer-centric and developing people who are inspired and resilient leaders.
What sets us apart and drives us is our total commitment to your outcomes and our philosophy of “transformation from the heart”.  What our clients most love about us is our ability to move the hearts and minds of your people through our delivery style that combines storytelling and experiential learning. With us, no two workshops are ever the same – each tailored to your specific organisation’s needs.  They also love that we are innovative, nimble and flexible in applying a sound transformation framework that has consistently delivered results for over 130 satisfied organisations across 11 countries over the past 13 years. Contact us to explore how we can assist with your outcomes.
We have offices in Sydney and Singapore.
Our Core Values are underpinned by our philosophy to “transform from the heart”.

Our Vision 

is a world where organisations are led by leaders who believe the best way to delivering optimal outcomes
for their stakeholders is in growing their people, helping their people see their workplace as a place where they find fulfillment and developing leaders.

Our Core Values

To follow through
our promises.
To have a
attitude in
delivering the very
best outcomes for
those we serve.
To serve from a place of genuine care and integrity.
To speak the truth out of a spirit of compassion, even when the truth hurts.

To always put the needs of those we serve first.
To be exemplary role models of what we teach.
To deliver results that
matter for our clients
and stakeholders.
To create exceptional value and make a difference to growing our clients’ businesses and
their people.
To nurture and inspire the human spirit.
To transform from the heart.
To give of our very best in all we do.
To learn and grow from every opportunity.
To proactively invest in our staff’s personal and professional development and well-being.

Nyrie Roos